Charles Mungoshi

charles mungoshi jnr

the school of positivity

Motivational and Inspirational Speaker |
Author | Founder of The School of Positivity |
Publishing Consultant

Mind Management

Mind Management is the deliberate and conscious direction of thoughts (we have about 70'000 each day!)

The Art Of Positivity

We have studied about the function of the mind and its major role in creating a mentality of positivity.

The Philosophy Of Positivity

Positivity starts in the mind and it is meant to be a way of living. The most important thing is to understand what positivity is.

About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to teach principles of positivity to people and help change their mindsets to be positive. The paradigm shift in the mentality of attendees will create within them an attitude of dominion.


Our Programs

We all possess a powerful energy and these classes are designed to direct that energy to make a great life. 

  • Philosophy of Positivity.
  • Leadership skills
  • Overcoming Stress.
  • Overcoming Low Self-esteem.
  • Overcoming Anxiety
  • Goal setting.
  • Financial Independence.
  • Dominion in Life.
  • Self-Actualization.