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We all possess a powerful energy and these classes are designed to direct that energy to make a great life. We deal with enhancing your mindset to be productive in the direction of positivity.

The life lessons we cover are only found in our institution which is our greatest strength. Our teachings are practical solutions which cause a definite shift in the positive.

Mind Management

Mind Management is the deliberate and conscious direction of thoughts (we have about 70’000 each day!) in the knowledge that each individual thought has an effect and creates the reality in which we live. We should look at thoughts as being things that possess energy. 

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The Philosophy of Positivity

It is important that we learn of the root of this attitude or behavior of positivity. We have to understand that life is a direct projection of the thoughts we harbor – we are nothing outside the scope of our thought system. What we have seen from birth to date is the form our lives currently projects.

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The Art of Positivity

We have studied about the function of the mind and its major role in creating a mentality of positivity. The art of positivity is the lifestyle of positivity. How to effect positivity in your walk of life. Theory and exercise, the most important things to do to live a life of positivity. It is no walk in the park, it takes diligence, focus and determination.

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Note from The Director

It would be with great honor to have you join us on this journey of mind paradigm shift. The School of Positivity will change your life and help you achieve your dreams. There are many things that can be done to improve the livelihood of people and this school will change many lives, improve the status quo of individuals. We are here to make the best out of people. Expect the best in life because life responds to expectations!

Yours in Positivity

Charles Mungoshi Jr